Ubuntu for Smartphone is looking neat and clean


Canonical, the company behind world-famous Linux distribution named ‘Ubuntu’ introduced the specially designed Ubuntu OS for Smartphones. Ubuntu for Smartphone will use the same drivers as the Android OS that means almost all Android phones can run Ubuntu. And it is also helpful for app developers in developing the native apps. Apart from the feeling and experience of Ubuntu, the main feature of this OS is that once your Smartphone running Ubuntu will connect to a monitor, keyboard and mouse, it will become a full-fledged PC version of Ubuntu OS. That means, you don’t have to invest on a complete PC as you just need to dock your phone and switch to PC.

First look of Ubuntu for Smartphone has been released by the company and the OS is looking very neat and clean.

ubuntu_smartphone_1  ubuntu_smartphone_2


Type of Ubuntu for Smartphone?

Ubuntu for Smartphone users will be able to switch to the PC version of Ubuntu after connecting a monitor. But this feature will not be available on slow processor phones. So what is the criterion to define a slow processor and high-end phones. Canonical released the requirements for entry-level phones and Superphones.

System RequirementEntry Level Ubuntu SmartphoneUbuntu 'superphone'
Processor Architecture1GHz Cortex A9Quad Core A9 or Intel Atom
Memory512MB - 1GBMin 1GB
Flash storage4-8GB eMMC + SDMin 32GB eMMC + SD
Desktop ConvergenceNoYes

What is there for developers?

As mentioned earlier, Ubuntu will run with the same drivers as Android, developers can take advantage of the same. They can write programs in C or C++ and use Java to take full control of the device. They can also develop lightweight applications using HTML5. As Ubuntu PC version is very popular and it seems that Ubuntu for Smartphone will be a big challenge for already popular Android and iOS market.

When the first Smartphone with Ubuntu OS will come?

As per the company’s statement, the first device with Ubuntu OS is expected to come by fourth quarter of 2013. The demo is expected in CES 2013 which is scheduled for January 8 – 11. We will get more updated in CES demo for sure.